The official marathon shirt

Sport brand sweat wicking shirt
pay attention! The size of the shirt can be changed no later than 23/01/2024 at 2:00 p.m
The children's mini-marathon event shirt is an unbranded Dryfit (sweat wicking) shirt and is given to the mini-marathon participants at no additional charge

Details of shirt sizes for women and men

:Men's sizes
Chest circumference: 83-86 cm
Waist circumference: 71-74 cm
Hip circumference: 82-85 cm

Chest circumference: 87-92 cm
Waist circumference: 75-80 cm
Hip circumference: 86-91 cm

Chest circumference: 93-100 cm
Waist circumference: 81-88 cm
Hip circumference: 92-99 cm

Chest circumference: 101-108 cm
Waist circumference: 89-96 cm
Hip circumference: 100-107 cm

Chest circumference: 109-118 cm
Waist circumference: 97-106 cm
Hip circumference: 108-116 cm

Chest circumference: 119-130 cm
Waist circumference: 107-119 cm
Hip circumference: 117-125 cm

Chest circumference: 131-142 cm
Waist circumference: 120-132 cm
Hip circumference: 126-135 cm
:Women's sizes
Chest circumference: 77-82 cm
Waist circumference: 61-66 cm
Hip circumference: 86-91 cm

Chest circumference: 83-88 cm
Waist circumference: 67-72 cm
Hip circumference: 92-97 cm

Chest circumference: 89-94 cm
Waist circumference: 73-78 cm
Hip circumference: 98-103 cm

Chest circumference: 95-101 cm
Waist circumference: 79-85 cm
Hip circumference: 104-110 cm

Chest circumference: 102-109 cm
Waist circumference: 86-94 cm
Hip circumference: 111-117 cm

Chest circumference: 110-118 cm
Waist circumference: 95-104 cm
Hip circumference: 118-25 cm