Dates of registration and fees

   Marathon   Half Marathon  10 KM 5 KM
Early registration until 31.11.2022 240 NIS 180 NIS 130 NIS   100 NIS 
Regular registration until 25.1.2024 270 NIS 200 NIS 155 NIS   120 NIS 
Late registration until 17.2.2024 300 NIS 220 NIS 180 NIS   140 NIS 
  Mini Marathon
Early registration 31.11.2023 40 NIS
Regular registration until 25.1.2024 50 NIS
Late registration until 17.2.2024 60 NIS
Please pay attention to that the registration does not include in it the Marathonws shirt. If you would like to get the official marathon shirt (a sports brand shirt) - please note so while registering, and you will get one - at a cost of additional 30 NIS.
  • The amount of shirts is limited.
  • Adding the Marathon's shirt is available only during registration.
What does my registration include?
Runner’s kit, participation in the big event at the start and finish line, professional timing (the 5 KM and Mini Marathon courses arent timed), signage, emergency medical services, race marshals, guards, security and police.