Access, Parking and Traffic arrangements

The Start/Finish area is located on Rokach Blvd.
between the TLV Convention Center and Ganei Yehoshua.


Traffic and Parking Arrangements 

Friday, Feb 24th, from 4:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
Parking and vehicle traffic is prohibited on the following routes:
Tel Aviv NORTH: Rokach Ave., Shay Agnon St., Levi Eshkol St., Prof. Yuval Na'eman St., Amichai Yehuda St., 2040 St.,Yordey-al-Sira St.
In addition, Derech Namir Rd. will be closed to vehicles between the Gililot Int. and Pinkas St. in both directions, from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.
Tel Aviv WEST: Yarkon St., Herbert Samuel Prom.
Tel Aviv CENTER: Dizengoff St., Ibn Gvirol Ave., 1999 St., Ben Gurion Ave., Malkei Israel St., Rabbi Kook St., Hari St.,
Geula St., Huberman St., Rothschild Ave., Allenby St., Marmorak St., Kaplan St., Arnia Oswaldo St., Kalman Magen St., David Elazar St.
Tel Aviv SOUTH: Goldman St., Koifman St., Kidron St., 2nd Aliya St, the Magdalor Rd, till the Entrance-Gate to the Port-of-Jaffa and Port-of-Jaffa St.
In addition, all the streets bordering the above and the streets crossing them will be closed to vehicles
No parking in the running lanes from Thursday, February 23, at 6:00 p.m

Directions and Parking to Marathon City
Pedestrians: From West: Rokach Ave.
                        From East: Shetrit St., Bnei Ephraim St.
                        From South: Yarkon Bridges, Maccabiah Bridge (Ayalon Mall
* Public is requested to avoid marching along Ganei-Yehoshua-Garden’s paths. Runners and Marathon runners will be running along them.
By train: Israel Railways will reinforce it’s lines reaching the Tel Aviv-University Stn.
For further details, please use the Israel Railways’ website or call the Customer Service hotline *5770
By Car: Ramat Gan Stadium Parking Lot, Bnei Brak Industrial Area (near Rami Levy Supermarket),
K.Shaul parking lots, Athletic Stadium parking lots,
Rafidim parking lot, Tel Aviv University Parking Lots, Savidor Train Station (Center) Parking Lot, Ayalon Mall Parking Lot and Ramat-Hachayal Parking Lot. Please park according to the law.
It is recommended to arrive by public transportation.
Do not enter the complex carring a gun, no weapons will be allowed.
Weapons deposit won’t be possible.
Entrance while riding electric bicycles or carring electric bicycle batteries won’t be allowed.

by Tel-O-Fun Bicycle/ scooter

For your convenience it is also possible to arrive to the Start/Finish area from the center of Tel Aviv with Tel-O-Fun bicycle or scooter. A special Tel-O-Fun bike and scooters drop-off station will be set up next to the Start/Finish on Rokach Blvd, across from the TLV Convention Center. Runners are invited to rent a bike at one of the Tel-o-Fun/ scooter stations across the city and make their way the marathon.

The Marathon Fest 

Music stages throughout the city, 7:00 a.m. till the last runner
Tel Aviv is celebrating with musical ensembles: Bar Elifendi, the Democratic School, Aliko Bass, Tamar Moode
and more, that will perform at strategic points for viewers along the running routes

Happening at the Start-&-Finish Area
Sports, health, and active life exhibition will take place at Sderot-Rokach Ave. from 7:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.,
between the Fair Center and Ganei-Yehoshua Gardens.
Come celebrate with us, with the best D.J's from the Tel Aviv scene!

For further details, please enter the Tel Aviv Municipality website, or call the 106+ Call Center